Billy Moon formed in 1995 out of the desire of its members to hang out and play music. The four members of Billy Moon soon went from good friends to family and out of this warmth and respect made a lot of amazing music.

Billy Moon went on and off the radar screen of the Seattle music scene over the years. At one time they were signed to an Indie label (Samson Records) but the band and the label parted ways and they released their first CD, Storm Before The Calm, independently.  A few years later their second CD, Turn, was recorded on 2 inch tape and the sound was more "live". They opened for major acts like Crash Test Dummies and Bernie Taupin, and second stage performances at concerts like Sting, Dave Matthews, Bonnie Raitt and more.

Kristy and Steve still run the Seattle Drum School with locations in North Seattle and Georgetown. They curretly have a duo they call Steve and Kristy Smith.  Alan Paisley, Bruce Hazen and Steve Smith play as an eclectic instrumental trio called the "350s".


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